Rooftop Hooligans & Roofing Contractors

If I could sit on the roof and drink a beer I probably would. It seems like a great place to drink a beer and relax. Unfortunately there is no safe and easy way to climb up onto my roof where I live. However some people have a deck and they can stand on the deck. That is almost as good as sitting on a roof, because it it is easier to get up there. The downside is that it is not a roof, you are not really on the roof but you are on the deck.

Do you know anybody who does not live in a house with a roof? I don’t know anybody like that. All the people I know live in houses that have a roof. That is because the roof is such an important part of a house. If the house does not have a roof, it is not a house! It is a bunch of walls. I cannot sleep in a room that does not have a roof. Even if I live in a tent and my roof is a thin sheet of fabric, that is so much better than having no roof at all. I would much rather live in a tent with a roof than a house with no roof.

The roof can be made of different materials. Some building materials are cheap, and some are expensive. Some roofs are made of shingles. I do not know what shingles are but some roofs are made of such shingles. Some roofs are made of tiles. Elon Musk has made some very nice tiles for the roof that solar panels. These tiles which are solar panels look like normal tiles, except they get energy from the sun.

This is very useful because it can power your house. Imagine the roof of your house powering your fridge and your oven and your lights. This is very good because then you will not have an electricity bill. You will not have to pay money for electricity, because the electricity comes from the sky every day. This is so wonderful. If only everything was this cheap.

Don’t forget to employ a contractor who can give you a very good job. If you employ a contractor who does a terrible job, then he might do that. Then you have wasted your money. I would much rather pay more money to get a good job done, then pay less money and get a terrible job done. So just remember to pay what the contractor asks for, thats roofing in Gisborne for you. If they are expensive, maybe it is because they are very good.